SP/4 Mike Stahl's re-enlistment at Defense General Supply Center
SFC Michael G. Stahl, USASF (Ret.)
The Life and Times of
My first duty assignment was as a parachute rigger assign to the Airborne Equipment Detachment, Supply and Maintenance Command, Defense General Supply Center.

I stayed at DGSC from about Aug. 1963 until Dec. 1965.
Preparing for our monthly (at least) jump. Rigger Check by MSG (E-7) Verlin R. Glenn (NCOIC) & winding my ol' 8mm to film the jump (never see someone in "division*" allowed to do that). I'm still a PFC (E-3) so it has to be soon after I started this assignment. Since I was in an E-6 slot, I was promoted to SP/4 almost right away.
*"division" A term used to refer to a normal army line outfit with all its inspections, discipline and harassment.
Wandering (something else One would never see in "division.*") out to the AC-1 Caribou. All the army Caribous, a great jump plane, were soon after "confiscated" by the air force and called CV-2Bs. I never dreamed at that time that actually flying this bird was in my future.
Re-enlistment: Nov. 65. Note: The re-enlistment officer is the DGSC adjutant, an air force major. I was promoted to S/P5 a couple of weeks later, went home on leave and headed to Monterey, CA for Arabic Language School. The other man was my long time friend Gary Thompson. Gary and I buddied up in jump school, went to rigger school together and good assigned to the depot together.
Left: Some of the members of the Airborne Equipment Detachment, SMC, DGSC,Richmond, VA.

Front,left to right: SP/4 Gary Thompson*, Lt. Kalowski, me.

Rear, left to right: MSG (E-7) Verlin Glenn (NCOIC), MSG (-7) Huber, SP/4 "Skip" Beasley and SSG "Alex" Alexander.
Mike Stahl re-enlisting at Defense General Supply Center
Mike Stahl re-enlisting at Defense General Supply Center
"Wandering" to the Caribou
Jumping at Defense General Supply Center