SFC Michael G. Stahl, USASF (Ret.)
The Life and Times of
NOTE: I am very new to "creative" writing. Neither spelling nor proofreading are strong suits for me. Please send me a comment if you have any suggestions on how I can make my anecdotes more interesting and/or easier to understand.

Co. "C" 5th SFG(A)

I. A-102, Tien Phuoc
First Contact (23 Dec. '67)
Battle of Hau Duc (3 Jan. '68)

II. Civil Affairs NCOIC, Da Nang
    Flying with Air America

     Flying the Caribou
     Jumping the Caribou
     Arming the Caribou

Airial Deliverey

  I. MLT-2, Quang Tri

II. CCN, TOC, DaNang
Skydiving in Australia

III. RT Michigan, CCN, DaNang
Last Mission
DHC-1 Caribou
DHC-1 Caribou